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12 DIY Activities for a Playful Easter

Bunnies, chicks, springtime and renewal—Easter is around the corner! For young children, holidays are imaginative escapes that we love making the most of. We rounded up a dozen inspiring Easter DIYs, many of which feature upcycled materials you’d typically toss (save those egg cartons!). These are sure to put a smile on kiddo’s face and bring out their (and your) creative side. Hop to it!  

Brown Sack Easter Masks DIY

Characters are a big part of holidays, and costumes are one of the best play items around. This easy, totally charming mask project from the creative geniuses at Oh Happy Day show you how easy it is to make your own mask. Re-imagine your brown shopping bags and start playing. 

Source: Oh Happy Day

Easter Finger Puppets

This fun DIY from our pal Agnes Hsu utilizes one of our favorite open-ended materials: cardboard toilet paper tubes! Letting kiddo imagine their own version of Easter characters supports original thinking and polishes up their storytelling abilities. Names and funny voices encourage. 

Source: Hello, Wonderful

Bunny Pancake Breakfast

We love finding hidden play moments in our everyday routines. For Easter, have your kiddos decorate their own bunny pancakes with sliced fruits and toasted nuts or seeds for a bit of imaginative play at mealtime. 

Source: CBC Parents

Bunny Scrambled Eggs

And for little kiddos who have a savory palette…this scrambled egg bowl can also be turned into a bunny or Easter character with the addition of toppings—mushroom ears anyone?  

Source: Made It. Ate It. Loved It.

Painted Egg Cartons

Don’t throw out your cardboard egg carton! Its unique shape is great for turning into a home for tiny plush, peg dolls, figurines, or fairies. Set out a tray of open-ended materials and see what kiddo comes up with.  

Source: Design Mom

Decorated Wooden Eggs

Choose wooden eggs to decorate so kiddo has a beautiful keepsake after Easter to use for imaginative play. Their decorated dozen can also be used as a manipulative toy to help them learn early math concepts, from counting and sorting to adding and subtracting.

Source: Brit + Co

Marker-Doodled Eggs

Perfect for parents who don’t fancy themselves “artistic”, this easy DIY only requires markers. Embrace your egg shell as a blank canvas, doodle a shape and repeat it—that’s it. You’ll end up with a collection of cool, graphic eggs.

SourcePaper and Stitch

Marbled Easter Eggs

Leave it to the creative makers at Martha Stewart to turn eggs into pieces of art. This marbling process is a great play activity for older kids to join in on, giving them a chance to learn a new technique and practice fine motor skills. 

Source: Martha Stewart

Daisy Baskets

Don’t feel like decorating eggs? Turn your attention to the basket! Upgrade with floral patches or another kind of bloom (faux, paper, real), perfect for celebrating the start of spring and enjoying once Easter is over. [Oh Joy]

Source: Oh Joy

Fancy Easter Baskets

Collaborate with your kids to transform an ordinary basket into a Moroccan design fantasy! Lay out trim, fringe, pom-poms, sequin ribbons, and other embellishments for an inspiring afternoon together. Kiddos will enjoy their homemade basket long after Easter has finished. 

Source: Inspired By This

Paper Swedish Easter Tree

Another great group activity, collaborate together to make a Påskris (Swedish Easter tree). Made with branches, paper feathers and paint, this affordable project has truly elegant results and brings a bit of nature indoors. 

Source: The House That Lars Built

Painted Egg & Bunny Balloons

Balloons never fail to fascinate and excite children, and they just so happen to make a great blank canvas. Grab paints (or markers) and turn regular ol’ balloons into colorful, patterned eggs and goofy bunny characters. Next up, a puppet show with your creations! 

Source: The Sweet Lulu Blog

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