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6 DIY Father’s Day Cards That Will Make Dad Fist Pump

Sure you could just buy dad a card (we guessssss), but where’s the play in that?! Make papa’s day extra personal and playful with a homemade card. Set up a craft area and partner with your little one to create one of the following designs to show dad how much you care.

Confetti Cards

Wow-factor, check! Grab your confetti and card stock to create these cheerful cards, which feel like a party in the palm of your hand. They look impressive but are actually easy to make. We predict smiles all around.

[Source: Martha Stewart]

Fingerpaint Cards

A great choice for little-little kids, finger-painted cards give them a fun sensory experience as they honor Papa. Your design options are as versatile as your skill level. For beginners or tots, a simple paint-handprint with a cute message—”High Five to You Super Dad!”—will make him feel warm and fuzzy for sure. Older, craft-loving kiddos, will get a kick out of the Fingerpaint Monkey Card featured above.

[Source: Crafty Morning]

Hole Punch Card

If you would describe your crafting skills as “beginner only”, this one’s for you! The only skills required are the ability to use a hole puncher and follow a straight line—and if those lines are a little wobbly, just uh, blame the toddler.

[Source: Martha Stewart]

Washi Tape Cards

Another beginner-friendly option that utilizes one of our craft box favorites: washi tape! If you’re new to washi tape, it’s a Japanese paper tape that’s gently adhesive (need to reposition? No prob.) and comes in SO many beautiful colors and patterns. If you can place tape on paper, you’ve got this.

[Source: Washi Tape Crafts]

LolliPOP Prize Ribbons  

A card that comes with candy?! Count us in. These creative prize-ribbon cards are a sweet (sorry not sorry for the pun) way to honor dear ol’ dad.

[Source: The House That Lars Built]

Pasta Bow Tie Cards

Oh the creative places you can go with dry noodles and patterned paper. These colorful bow tie cards make our heart swoon with their brilliant re-imagining of farfalle and dad’s dapper style. If you’ve got younger kiddos, skip painting, choose a pasta shape, and glue a simple design or word—something like the word “DAD” spelled out in small macaroni is a winner! Glue it, give it, done!

[Source: Oh Happy Day]

Share your homemade card creations with #roseandrexplay. We love seeing what you make!

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