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A Conversation with Live Sweet Shop Founder Lindsey Bonnice

We are so excited to share that Rose & Rex has partnered with Live Sweet Shop for a special collaboration just in time for Valentine’s Day! On the site now are handcrafted mermaids, owls and a fox designed by Live Sweet in color ways exclusive for Rose & Rex!

As we have worked with Live Sweet Shop, Lindsey Bonnice, the shop’s founder and designer, has continually inspired us with her style, innovation and commitment to being an adoption advocate. Check out our Q & A with Lindsey below and prepare to fall in love with this creative mama!

Your aesthetic is so whimsical and unique. How do you find design inspiration? 

My design inspiration is all around me. It’s in the pastel colors of my home, candy, bakery treats, our own pets, my children and more!

What does the creative process look like for you?

Usually something sparks an idea, like one of our critters, and then I start looking up ideas and images on the web. I search different mediums on different platforms and create a sort of inspiration board and then put it all together to create our pieces.

Let’s talk about your lovely family. Tell us a little bit about your adorable kiddos.

We have three children; Noah our oldest is 8 and is the sweetest guy. He’s my cuddle buddy and a big helper. He also is my biggest fan and cheerleader, always telling me how much he loves all of my creations! He’s our stuffed animal addict and always has to sleep with at least 3-5 of his favorite plushies! Libby is 4 and my sweet, spunky girly girl, which I love so much! She’s our product tester and is usually playing with an assortment of our Live Sweet products. Finn is 11 months and the snuggliest little boo. He’s such a happy and fun baby and has given me lots of inspiration for our new baby products!


We are inspired by your adoption story and your commitment to being an advocate for adoption. Can you tell us about your journey? What advice would you give to parents beginning the adoption process?  

I have always wanted to adopt and knew that our family would grow through adoption. When Noah was about 3 my husband and I started the adoption process and the rest is history! 

Libby and Finn were both 100% made just for our family! Adoption is often a long, hard and scary process but also is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. For parents looking into the adoption process I would say don’t get discouraged by the fees and paperwork, there are so many resources and fundraising possibilities these days! We believed that our perfect baby was out their waiting for us and no matter what you have to go through or how long you have to wait it will be so worth it in the end. We have two beautiful smiles, smooches and snuggles that remind us of that each day!


What role did play have in your childhood? Were there any games that you made up, stories you’d tell, or favorite stuffed pals that you loved.  

I was an all play all the time kind of girl! I had imaginary friends named dee dot and doh-bit that went everywhere with me! I also loved stuffed animals and my bed was always covered with them. As I got older I loved dolls and Muffy bears that I could dress and set up all over my room, not much has changed, ha! I still love playing with dolls and my house is covered with stuffed animals!

I love encouraging kids to be kids, everyone deserves a magical childhood!


Who are the teachers or mentors that have had a profound influence on you?

My mom and grandma both were amazing creators and both inspired and encouraged me to keep dreaming and creating all the time. I am who I am today because of how much they nurtured my love of being creative!


If you had an additional day between Saturday and Sunday, how would you spend it?

Baking and cuddling and playing with my babies!


Okay, lightening-speed round! Ready, set go:

  • Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Vanilla
  • Early bird or night owl? Night Owl
  • Heels or sneakers? Sneakers
  • Books or movies? Movies
  • Favorite color? Pink & Mint
  • Plate of French fries or slice of cake? Cake
  • The super power you would want to have is? Teleporting
  • You have an open plane ticket—where will you go? England
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