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Back to School Transitional Toys

This post is collaboration between Rose & Rex and Wolf + Friends to bring you the best Back To School toy picks and tips! 

Heading back to school is an exciting, emotional time for children and parents alike. Whether your little one is starting a new mommy and me class, a new grade or even a new school, it's a significant transition for children that can evoke feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. It is important to support your child’s social and emotional growth as they embark on the new school year, adjust to new routines and experience feelings of separation. Utilizing transitional tools is an effective way to offer emotional support and security while encouraging growth and social exploration. 

Rose & Rex Friends Set

Rose & Rex Friends Peg Dolls

This dynamic duo is hand painted and palm-friendly, which makes them perfect to sneak into a backpack or lunchbox. The bodies of these dolls are covered in chalkboard paint, so you can write a motivational message or word to your child that they can revisit throughout the day.


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Prism Pocket Building Set

Tegu pocket pouch

The perfect block set for a backpack or lunch box, these prism blocks are magnetic, making them ideal for on-the-go play. Building play is often an immersive and calming experience for little ones, which is why this set is a great tool to help children center themselves throughout the day. Added bonus? As children build they are developing skills like spatial awareness and problem solving ability that will help them find success in the classroom and beyond. 


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Mini Fox

Mini Red Fox

Sometimes your kiddo just needs a soft snuggle. Cuddly, plush items are soothing and calming to children, which makes this mini fox the perfect friend to accompany your little one to their classroom. School is a novel environment that requires adjustment, having a familiar and comforting item accessible to your child will help them begin to mentally connect school and home and serve as a calming source.


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Mice in Matchbox

Mice in Matchbox

Sometimes the trickiest part of adjusting to back to school can be home routines. The lazy days and longer nights of summer are gone and going to sleep and waking up early can be a real physical and emotional transition for children. These mice in matchbox homes help children to make sense of bedtime and morning transitions by giving them the role of caretakers. Have your child put their mouse to bed and wake them up in the morning. As they do they will be practicing a routine and emotionally exploring their own feelings.


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Transitional toys are more than just comfort objects; they are developmental tools that help children successfully adjust to new situations and routines. We hope these toys and tips help your little one playfully begin the new school year with joy!

*This post is the first in a series of collaborative gift guides created by Rose & Rex and our like-minded friends at Wolf + Friends. Wolf + Friends is a modern shopping and lifestyle destination where you will find imaginative toys, essential playroom decor, thoughtful style ideas and inspiring advice that focuses on a child's physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive, social + emotional development.* 


About the Author

Allison Klein is the founder of Rose & Rex. She received a B.A. in Anthropology with minors in Psychology and Writing from Washington University in St. Louis, and a dual M.S.ED degree in Early Childhood and Childhood Education from Bank Street College of Education. While in graduate school, Allison studied the importance of imaginative play on early childhood development, and later applied this research in pre-kindergarten classrooms where she worked. As she watched her students grow and transform through play, Allison knew she wanted to start a broad conversation about the importance of play for children in today’s results-driven culture.

Now a play-based tutor, when Allison is not working with children or playing with blocks, she loves to explore Central Park, drink matcha tea and practice pilates. A native New Yorker, Allison lives on the Upper East Side and appreciates the abundance of experiential learning opportunities that exist on every block.

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