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Guest Editor: Elisa Marshall

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Handmade Dream Catcher

2. Dusk Horizon Custom Planner

3. Maman x Apotheke Vanilla Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Candle

4. Ride-On Speedster Plane

5. Fabric Mask

6. Doll Luggy in Rose

7. Check Crossback Apron

8. Essential Play Kitchen

9. Dinnerware Duo

10. Sofia Bunny in Grey Linen


What is your favorite family tradition?

Some of my favorite memories, especially around the holidays, are the traditions my parents passed down to us, and many of them take place in the kitchen! My mom, sister & I would always have so much fun baking cookies a few nights before Christmas eve, switching it up and trying new recipes each year! 

About the Author

Elisa Marshall is the founding partner, event planner and creative director of NYC’s maman. Her drive, passion and success in her business makes her a true inspiration for women in food, design, motherhood and beyond.

In 2014, she combined her love for design and cafés and opened maman (meaning mother in French), which was built upon the idea of family food, community and driven by thoughtful curation, creating the ultimate gathering place. It’s a place to go to feel special while still feeling at ease. Guests can find comfort in the form of design, style, food, drink, or simply in sharing the atmosphere and ambiance of the space. This is all thanks to Elisa’s impeccable dedication to make her vision come to life and creating something truly magical and unique. 

In the last six years, she’s been the brains behind the thoughtful design for the highly instagrammed café and bakery and conceptualizes all of the events at all of their NYC locations – from weddings and bridal showers to corporate events, social gatherings, baby showers and brand launches. Her beautiful business has flourished with multiple locations across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Toronto and more (10 locations total). Whether she is planning a perfectly pretty party or handling business in the café, she is putting in 110%. Her attention to detail and creative abilities have allowed her to become a true jack of all trades! Additionally, she recently welcomed a baby boy Yves proving that it’s possible to do it all.

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