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Guest Editor: Natasha Huang-Smith

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Carbon 38 Leggings

2. Custom Shampoo & Conditioner

3. Personalized Hair Clips

4. Essential Play Kitchen

5. Naked Cashmere Cardigan

6. Milk Bar Treats

7. Primo Ride on Scooter in Mint

8. Summer Friday's Face Mask

9. Wine Subscription

10. Homesick Candle

11. Portable Printer


What is your favorite family tradition?

One of my favorite family traditions is gingerbread house wars. It started when I was younger and we just bought the store pre-made kits. But as my own family grew, the competition started getting more fierce with the types of candies used to the texture of the cream we used to decorate. Now it's no longer simply gingerbread house wars; it's mansion and gingerbread town wars. We start gathering up supplies right after Thanksgiving and plan out the homes we want to build- it is certainly a work in progress.  But needless to say, the clean up is all worth it!  

About the Author

Natasha Huang is a former fashion publicist turned consultant and travel writer. After executing countless runway shows around the world, Natasha decided to take her wanderlust to paper with JETSETAWAY to inspire herself and others to live in a constant state of exploration, wherever that may be. She loves anything and everything Hello Kitty, temporary tattoos and can eat ice cream or candy for every meal if given the choice. When she isn't traveling, you can find Natasha practicing calligraphy, sipping on overpriced coffee from around the world or online shopping for just one more pair of black stretchy pants. She currently lives on NYC’s Upper West Side with her husband and their 18 month old son. 

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