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Guest Editor Spotlight

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Nested Piki Basket Sets

2. Gusto Side Plate Set

3. Bow & Arrow Set

4. The Archer Playsuit 

5. Kensington Treklite Child

6. Wiley Body Baby Bundle

7. Desert Balancing Blocks

8. A Million Dots Book


What is your favorite family tradition?

We have a fairly minimal approach to traditions in our house --- less is definitely more! Instead, it's the everyday stuff of the season we seek after - the lingering puzzle, the Bing Crosby album, making candied pecans for neighbors - and we do our best to integrate those small treats all season long. I find that what my family appreciates most about the holidays is a stronger sense of togetherness, so we're often rejiggering something special for whatever life stage we're all in. Our current "tradition"? Making a massive cardboard fort (city?!) from the influx of cardboard boxes this time of year!

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Erin Loechner has been an online educator, homeschool advocate, and author for over 10 years. Her all-in-one homeschooling plan for the early years, Other Goose (, has been used by over 25,000 students worldwide, and includes daily literature, creativity, foundations, outdoors, relationships, language, math, rhythms, logic, and habit lessons for kids ages 2-7.

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