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Guest Editor Spotlight: Kerry Pieri

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Marble Foot Pumice Stone

2. Wobbel Board

3. Hermès Timepiece

4. Balancing Blocks

5. Bahia Tie-Front Shirt

6. Milton & Goose White Refrigerator

7. The Calm Mind Kit

8. Simone Bodmer Turner Bridge Handled Vessel

9. Bottega Veneta Boots

10. Banwood Balance Bike


What is your favorite family tradition?

Christmas Eve has always meant a big party at my parents’ house, it’s just joyful and beautiful. I hope it can happen this year.

About the Author

Kerry Pieri is Harper's Bazaar's Digital Fashion/Features Director. Kerry oversees the fashion vertical for, including launching digital covers, styling celebrity features, and managing recurring fashion features and news. She is also an artist, mom to Lila Sky, and wife to Steve Macari.

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