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Guest Editor Spotlight: Samantha Wennerstrom

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Luggy

2. JP Five Point Diamond Ring

3. Autumn Stacking Trees

4. San Cristobal Wall Hanging

5. Rafia Round Handled Tray

6. U Candle

7. Bedside Caraffe

8. Exclusive Rose & Rex Poppie White Crib

9. Ynez Lumbar Pillow

10. Natural Stacking Rainbow

11. Cook Beautiful 


What is your favorite family tradition?

Our favorite family tradition is decorating the tree in our pajamas, Christmas music playing and having Chili and cornbread.

About the Author

Samantha Wennerstrom lives in Santa Barbara with her husband Todd and their daughters Elin and Lila. Starting out in the publishing business, Samantha created Could I Have That? as a creative outlet to house all the things she was coveting and loving. What started out as a hobby in 2009 has since organically grown into a business, which has been featured on the cover of The Wall Street Journal, C Magazine, Who What Wear, Lucky Magazine, The Zoe Report, Santa Barbara Magazine and more. Could I Have That? is a destination for all who love upping the ante in their everyday lives.

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