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Guest Editor Spotlight: Welcome Baby

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Sugar Lip Treatment

2. Sweetheart Bracelet 

3. AirPods

4. Osea Sculpt & Glow Set

5. French Velvet Wine

6. Candylab Candycar Taxi

7. Welcome Baby Gift Card

8. Yellow Wooden Telephone


What is your favorite family tradition?

We both love recreating special holiday moments that we remember fondly from our childhoods for our own children. Whether it’s cooking the same meals we grew up eating around the holiday table or decorating with items handed down to us from our parents, it’s really special to share these details that marked such happy times for us with our toddlers and babies.

About the Author

After more than a decade spent as television news producers at CNN & ABC, Juliet Fuisz and Sarah Steinhardt co-founded Welcome Baby in 2018 to level the playing field for new moms and babies living near the poverty line. The non-profit organization provides families with a comprehensive package containing all the supplies a newborn needs to thrive in the first month of life and beyond. This includes 220 diapers, wipes, a baby carrier, rash creams, clothing, swaddle blankets, a thermometer, baby wash, pacifiers, bottles and more. These items are necessities, not luxuries - and every single baby and mother deserves to have them, regardless of their financial situation.  

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