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Guest Editor: Violet Gaynor

Holiday Gift Picks 

1. Out and About Mask Chain

2. Brad Meltzer Children's Books

3. Meredith Kahn Charm Necklace 

4. Giant Play Silk

5. Royal Jelly Kids Mask

6. Royal Jelly Dress

7. Samira Ring

8. Tambo Basket

9. Women Who Dared Blocks 

10. Ruffle Face Mask

11. Maison Rainbow Print

12. Crystal Headband 

12. Give a Damn Cashmere Beanie


What is your favorite family tradition?

We are big on traditions in our family, especially during these past several months of uncertainty when we need rituals and comfort more than ever. Something we will miss this year is our annual tradition of gathering around the holidays to wrap presents and decorate cards for families in need along with our friends at Good+. In lieu of this in-person tradition, we will be donating essentials to families suffering from food insecurity and unstable housing. 

Lately we have been very into baking cakes just because. My mom owned a bakery in NYC for many years, which meant that I never actually learned to bake because I just relied on her to make me the most delicious cookies in the world. Now that I'm a mom of two and we're home basically all the time, baking (especially from the beautiful Simple Cake book by Odette Williams) has brightened even the most stressful homeschooling days.

About the Author

Born and raised on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Violet worked as a magazine editor, stylist, and writer for 15 years prior deciding to branch out on her own. Before being bit by the fashion bug, Violet was convinced that she wanted to be an actress. After getting a part in Goodfellas, she quickly realized that her favorite part of the process was not acting on camera but the costume fittings she got to be a part of. From then on, Violet was on a clear path to a career in fashion. After college graduation, she started out as a fashion assistant at Shape, and ultimately became the senior fashion editor there, traveling around the world (Alaska, Bora Bora, New Zealand) styling fashion features and covers. Then in 2006 she left to launch a digital fashion magazine called VIV. From there, she went on to become Lucky’s first online fashion editor. Then to where she was senior fashion, followed by, where she oversaw all fashion content for the site. After years of juggling both her full-time job and her side project, motherhood site and brand The Glow, Violet left the fashion industry to be a full-time entrepreneur. She lives on the Upper West Side and in Amagansett with her (film curator) husband David, seven year-old daughter, Plum, and two year-old son, Rome.

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