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How to Make Pom Poms with Pom Makers

Pom pom making is a super fun project that lends itself to hours of creating and endless play possibilities. Our Donut and Macaroon Pom Makers make it easy for older kiddos to create these adorable fluff balls on their own and younger kiddos to make them with a little help from a parent. Best of all, our Pom Makers come with their own fabric pouch so you can craft pom poms at home or on the go. All you need is your Pom Maker of choice and a handful of items you’re likely to already have at home.

Read on to learn how to use Pom Maker to create all sorts of colorful pom poms your kiddos can incorporate into other art projects or for infinite uses in play!


  • Pom Makers
  • Acrylic yarn in an assortment of colors
  • Scissors
  • Cereal box, tape & pencil (recommended when using the Donut Pom Maker)

How Pom Makers Work

Pom Makers contain six pieces: four wooden arches with small dowels on each end and two round pieces with holes for the dowels. The two round pieces hold the four wooden arches together once yarn is wrapped around them, allowing for easy yarn trimming.

How to Make a Pom Pom

Find one or both tails of your yarn. (If you look the center of a yarn roll, you can usually find the second tail there!) Once your tail or tails are ready to go, prep your Pom Maker by holding two of the wooden arches together with the flat sides touching and dowels pointing outwards.

Next tie the yarn around the two arches or simply hold the tail against the surface of the arch and begin wrapping your yarn around it until the yarn is nice and dense. Wrapping with two tails makes this step faster since you’re wrapping double the amount at once!

When you’re done wrapping, trim the yarn and tuck the tail to secure. Set aside and repeat this process with the other set of wooden arches. When both sets of arches are wrapped, bring them together to form a circle and create a little sandwich using those arches and the two round pieces. The dowels should fit perfectly into the holes.

Firmly hold the Pom Maker and trim around the perimeter snipping open all the yarn loops.

Take a new piece of yarn and run it around the circle. Pull as tightly as you can on the yarn and secure it with a double knot. This works even better if instead you tie a single knot, then bring the strings back around to the other side of your pom pom, then pull tightly and tie a double knot there.

Remove all the pieces of your Pom Maker and fluff out your pom pom. If you like a shaggy pom, lightly trim any long yarn stragglers and enjoy! However, if you want a classic sphere-shaped pom pom, you can use the following trick with the Macaroon Pom Makers. Sandwich the pom pom between the two round parts of the Macaroon Pom Maker. These round pieces will act as a trim guide to give you an evenly snipped pom.

Trim all the excess yarn sticking out from the round trim guides until you have an even trim all around.

Fluff up your pom and repeat the trimming process with the newly fluffed out sides sticking out from the round trim guides.

Fluff out your pom, trim any remaining stragglers and you should have a lovely round pom pom ready for play!

When it comes to trimming with the Donut Pom Maker, the scalloped outline of the icing doesn’t work as well as the round Macaroons, so try the following trick instead.

Cut a square out of a cereal or snack box and tape down two of the wooden arches to the cardboard to create a circle shape. Trace the circle then remove the wooden pieces and pencil in the gaps from the tape.

Cut out the circle and use it as a trim guide following the previous instructions. You can create two if you like the sandwich method, however the one works fine on its own.

You can see the Donut Pom Maker makes a large pom pom (2.5”-3.5”) while the Macaroon Pom Maker makes a medium sized pom pom (2.3”-2.7”).

How to Make Patterned Pom Poms

Get creative with your yarn color placement to make fun, multi-colored pom poms! Below are a few simple pattern ideas to get you started.

Half-and-half: Wrap one side with one color and the other side with another!

Sprinkled: Wrap multiple colors at once for evenly dispersed color flecks.

Quarters: Wrap each half with half one color and half another color.

Quarters with sprinkles: Combine all these methods to make a funky pattern combo!

These pattern idea are just the beginning. We encourage you and your kiddos to play around with color placement and pattern creation. There’s no wrong way to make fun patterns with pom poms, so letting loose with a bunch of yarns and a Pom Maker is a wonderful exercise in artful intuition and creative experimentation.

Stay tuned for more blog posts showing you how to use these poms for play and how to turn them into fun and easy art projects!

You can find Pom Makers on our site here.

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