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Spotlight on Jennifer Coulombe of Sat Nam babe

Meet Jennifer Coulombe, founder and CEO of Sat Nam babe, a socially conscious kids clothing line of play and yoga wear for little ones under 5. We admire Jen’s commitment to ethical fashion and are crazy about Sat Name babe’s yoga leggings, which are made from recycled plastic bottles! Read on to learn more about Jennifer Coulombe, her inspiring journey, and a few simple strategies to help young children incorporate mindfulness into their day.   

Q: What inspired you to create Sat Nam babe?

A: In 2013, the Rana Plaza garment factory fires killed over 1100 garment workers in Bangladesh and many large companies’ products were found in these factories. I knew there had to be a more ethical way to make clothes.

Shortly after this happened, I was finishing business school and a Kundalini yoga teacher training and eager to launch my first company, but needed an idea. I spent several hours in my grad school library doing research and quickly discovered that more and more schools are adopting the idea of mindfulness into the school day.

I felt there was a huge opportunity in the market to dress our littlest yogis under age 6 in consciously made, adorable unisex prints that they feel happy and confident in.

In Kundalini yoga, the words “Sat Nam” translates to “truth is my identity.” As our littlest kids go through life and are faced with societal pressure, family pressure, etc. may they always be true to themselves and what they were meant to accomplish in this lifetime.

In other words, let’s let our kids live their wildest dreams and shoot for the stars!

Q: What is life like these days, as the founder of your own business?

A: Sat Nam babe launched a little over a year ago with a successful crowdfunding campaign on iFundWomen and since then, I haven’t looked back! As a one woman show running all facets of the company and also still holding down a full-time job that pays the bills, it makes life interesting and fun!

Since the launch, I’ve been able to introduce a few new items including our adorable Love is Love tee, which celebrates diverse families. I’m also currently finalizing our second collection designs which will be available for pre-sale this holiday season.

Q: What fuels your passion to create sustainable, ethical fashion?

A: After the Rana Plaza fires, I simply knew there had to be a better way to manufacture clothing.

It’s naturally more expensive to create more mindfully made clothes, but we all have a choice to vote with our wallets and make sure that we are educated about a company before we make a purchase.

I’m a huge proponent of buying less overall, buying better quality (even for our littlest kiddos who grow so fast), buying second hand and lovingly passing down clothes to other kids when your child grows out of his or her clothes.

Done Good is a great one stop resource of many small sustainable brands for those who want to shop more responsibly.

Q: We love the Mindful Minute on your site! What are some ways we can help young children incorporate yoga or mindfulness into their day?

A: A great ritual to start with your kids each morning when they wake up, is to each share one thing that you are thankful for. This sets a positive tone for the day.

We can teach kids how to properly breathe through pretending that their bellies are a balloon, slowly filling up the balloon with air and then slowly letting all the air out. Kids can use this tool during the school day when they feel stressed or overwhelmed. Kids can always come back to their breath.

Visit Sat Nam babe for your back to school shopping and use code rose&rex for U.S. free shipping off your first order through Sept 30, 2018.

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