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Spotlight on The Collective Child

At Rose & Rex, our biggest job is to curate the best in open-ended toys to spark children's' imagination through play. We love being curators, combing through the many choices to bring you the most well-edited and inspiring selection. We recently had the opportunity to meet a pair of incredibly talented and awesome fellow curators, who tackle the often-overwhelming task of keeping our kiddos both stylish and comfortable. Please meet Emily Khasidy and Sandra Makarem of The Collective Child, a members-only styling service for the coolest children’s clothing. 

Launch Date:

  • November 2015

Describe your core ethos:

  • Helping the modern parent shop for their children without sacrificing style. 

What age groups do you cater to? 

  • 0M Newborns - 6Y

What inspired you to launch The Collective Child? What did you feel was missing from the kids shopping experience? 

  • Sandra: We always knew we wanted to start something together and felt our strengths complemented each other nicely. After a few years brainstorming ideas we finally found one that made sense to us both. Working in the retail space and living through the challenges facing the market, it made sense to me that this would be the natural evolution of commerce. 
  • Emily: At the time, I was pregnant with my first child and due right around January. Shopping for him was something I loved doing but so unnecessarily hard. I couldn’t believe there wasn’t an option like this out there for the modern mother.  We jumped head first into this project that we truly believed in both from a personal and overall market opportunity. Working together on this just seemed natural.

You both come from such different backgrounds, but both in the fashion industry. Tell us a little bit about what you did prior to founding TCC, how you met, and how you decided to collaborate? 

  • Sandra: Emily and I met in College working on a scholarship project and became very close friends since then. After school, we both went on to have parallel careers in the Fashion industry. I spent nearly a decade at Bloomingdale’s as a Buyer and Planner for both e-commerce and store line within the Women’s Contemporary division. 
  • Emily: My journey prior to launch was entirely focused on Fashion Editorial Publications. Right out of school I spent time at Marie Claire, W Magazine and eventually landed at Vogue Paris which encompassed the entirety of my career. 

As a mom, there are so many resources to choose from. We love how you’re working to cut through the clutter, and take the hassle out of the shopping experience for your customers. What do you feel defines the TCC experience and really sets you guys apart? 

  • Emily: The personalization of service and curation of the clothing we carry is by far the most distinctive element of Collective Child. Sandra and I go through great effort in making sure that the service works for all our members. It’s important that we remain flexible and a valued resource when it comes to shopping regularly or for occasions. At the same time we ensure that the assortment that you are seeing from us hits all the right notes for your own individual needs and taste. 

The R&R team moms are huge fans of TCC, and can’t stop raving about the amazing brands and special pieces they receive each month in their boxes. How do you decide which brands to introduce to your customers? What makes a TCC approved brand? 

  • Sandra: To be a Collective Child brand they need to be exceptional in one area. It can be an esthetic, price value, fabric quality or branding. We really value the brand discovery aspect of our service so it’s important to us to ensure we experience those emotional moments when we find a brand we want to carry because we know our members will too. 

What’s next for TCC? What are you most excited about for Fall, Holiday and beyond? 

  • Emily: New collections are coming in now and that’s always exciting. We’re launching new brands and are excited to see how they’re received by our members. We’re launching our blog “The Journal” which will hopefully be a resource for all Collective Child fans to read about new collections, brand bios, mama interviews and so much more! Finally IRL (In Real Life) events! We’ll be throwing an app launch party for our NYC based mamas and adding some great new event programming throughout the fall and winter so we can all finally get together for a few drinks.
  • Sandra: We are incredibly excited to launch our first Rewards Program! We’ve been wanting to give back to our members for some time now and are thrilled to finally share this with them. The loyalty program is different than anything out there because it’s focused on how you engage with us vs how you spend with us. We value all our members and brand fanatics and wanted the program to be all encompassing. Can’t wait to share more in the next months to come!

And now, a lightning round: 

Fall essential - what should be in every kid’s closet?

Sandra: For girls, a bloomer/dress/tights combo. Loving that classics are having such a spotlight!

Emily: For boys, a trackie or two piece sweat suit is key. Urban sportswear has finally hit childrenswear. 

Favorite Ice Cream?

Emily: Vanilla with sprinkles

Sandra: Hazelnut and pistachio

Early Bird or Night Owl?

Emily: Early bird

Sandra: Early bird

Heels or sneakers?

Emily: Always sneakers!

Sandra: Heels or barefoot.

The super power you would have is:

Emily: Super speed - so I can get more done in a day.

Sandra: Read people’s minds, so we can get right to the point.

Favorite color?

Emily: Maroon

Sandra: White. All. Year. Round.

Books or movies?

Emily: Books! Every week a new book.

Sandra: Movies.

Plate of French fries or slice of cake?

Emily: Fries.

Sandra: Fries

You have an open plane ticket—where will you go?!

Sandra: Spain!

Emily: Duh - Spain, but with Sandra! 

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