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The Guide 2020: Gifts for Toddlers

Once toddlerhood arrives, you may find your little one with more of everything: more energy, more enthusiasm and a more colorful imagination. Lean on these toys to help make the most of a toddler's curiosity and support his/her cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Rattan Shopper, $150


The chicest shopping cart around! This toddler size shopping cart by Poppie Toys is handcrafted out of ratan, an environmentally responsible, fast growing and easily renewable material. Perfect for pretend shopping adventures, transporting fruits and veggies to the pantry, and giving rides to special dolls or stuffed animals. 

Dinkum Doll- Tiny, $68

Meet the Dinkum Dolls! Full of love and wonder, children can snuggle them, dress them and style their hair. Dinkum Dolls are posable, with arms, legs and a head that moves - they can also sit, and even stand when wearing their shoes! See the full Dinkum Doll collection here. 

Bagherea Ride-On Rider, $190

This chic ride-on car is timeless in design and durability. Built to last for generations of play and easy for little ones (2+) to maneuver around, this is a gift that makes a statement. Led by Emmanuel Nouveau and located near Paris, France, each Baghera model is the result of premier design focus and attention to children’s safety. 

So Handmade Large Village Playmat, $45

This handcrafted play mat from So Handmade is made of organic materials in Woodstock, NY. It can be used for on-the-go play, hung up on the wall for nursery decor, or kept on the floor/table for some serious vehicle fun. Adding a few Candylab Candy Cars makes this the perfect gift for any transportation enthusiast! 

Lubu Town Winterburg Maxi, $60

Welcome to Lubu Town Winterburg. This educational and creative construction set comes from renowned wooden toy maker, Lubulona. It includes 4 stackable houses with ladders, 2 toy cars with wooden figures, and 2 rooftops. This unique toy with a modern design allows children to plan and create different buildings, towns and scenes.

Mini Sofia Bunny, $39

Perfect for your young storyteller, Sofia is the coolest bunny in town! This chic rabbit invites endless possibilities for imaginative play. Unlike dolls based on a known character, she’s defined by your child’s imagination. Sofia comes dressed in a linen dress with a headband and handbag. 

In the Willows Play Silks, $24

All you need is a little imagination and these eco-friendly, finely-crafted and durable playsilks will transform with your child's imagination! A Waldorf toy staple, playsilks are the ultimate open-ended toy that foster creativity, movement and role-playing. Children can use these enchanted play silks as water on which to sail a wooden boat, fire on the floor to pretend to cook on, tied on as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky...the possibilities never end!

Essential Play Kitchen in Natural Wood, $649

A beautifully solid piece to be enjoyed day after day, this play kitchen is as gorgeous as it is safe. Expertly crafted by Amish artisans in the USA from sustainable Baltic birch and solid North American maple. A staple for young children’s imagination, this play kitchen will cook up one storytelling opportunity after another.

Baby Noise Xylophone, $40

This beautiful beech wood xylophone by Baby Noise has been lovingly crafted for small hands and fingers. With four tones, eight solid aluminum bars, and a wooden mallet, this xylophone serves as the perfect introduction to the world of percussion instruments. Striking individual metal bars enhances hand eye coordination and inspires little ones to experiment with sound. Let’s make some music!

Classic Cube Blocks, $70

This colorful selection of wooden rainbow cubes evokes endless curiosity and visual stimulation for all ages. Children and children at heart will enjoy building and rebuilding with this richly colored set, lovingly handcrafted from linden wood by family-owned company Avdar.


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