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The Guide: Gifts for Big Kids

Support your child’s artistic endeavors and in-depth investigations as they strengthen existing skills and develop new ones. Whether your kiddo is a design enthusiast, adventure lover or budding architect, these gifts are sure to engage and inspire.       

Architects, Adventurers & Explorers 

Areaware Blockitecture Deco Mega Set, $75

Blockitecture® Deco Mega Set

Children can build the world they want to see with Blockitecture®, an award-winning set of architectural wooden blocks by designer James Paulius. This 20-piece Deco Mega Set is inspired by colorful post-modern architecture found coast to coast all over the world. 

Gluckskafer Rainbow Building Slats, $75

This colorful tower of wooden rainbow slats was lovingly handcrafted from linden wood by family-owned company Gluckskafer. Children can sort, stack, lean, or even spell something out with individual pieces. Each slat is hand-painted in a richly saturated hue with non-toxic water-based paint so even younger siblings can join in the fun!   

Blockitecture Tower, $45

Areaware Blockitecture Tower

Another Blockitecture® fave, Blockitecture Tower is inspired by the skyscrapers and glass towers of a downtown metropolis. Stack and balance to build the tallest tower you can imagine or seamlessly combine with other Blockitecture sets.

Moulin Roty Explorer Play Kit, $65

This keepsake kit is the perfect pick for your favorite adventurer! It contains all the necessary items your child will need for a campout, backyard adventure, or treasure hunt. Each suitcase contains a compass, water bottle, binoculars, travel diary and treasure box. 

Uncle Goose Women Who Dared Blocks, $64

This 32-block handcrafted set features women who preserved when faced with prejudice, ignorance, and enslavement. They dared. And in their daring, they made advancement possible for women of the future. Made in the U.S.A. from sustainable basswood by teacher-founded brand Uncle Goose. 

Design Lovers

Omy Coloring Fanny Pack, $27

Omy Coloring Fanny Pack

This illustrated fanny pack is ready to be colored and customized. As children decorate their packs, they strengthen fine motor skills, flex their creative muscles and engage in collaboration- now that's something to celebrate!

Giraffe Britta Purse, $52

This handmade, fair trade purse by Donsje is crafted from 100% premium leather. What treasures will your child tuck inside? The Giraffe Britta purse is a gift that gives back! Part of all Donsje profits are donated to the Shining Star foundation, a school in Nairobi, established by the founders.  

Dough It Yourself D.I.Y. Kit, $35

Dough It Yourself D.I.Y. Kit

Give the gift of creating together! This D.I.Y. natural play dough kit from The Dough Project includes everything you need to whip up a fresh batch of all natural dough for playing. The Dough Project use only the finest ingredients (non-gmo, plant-based, chemical-free) and pre-measures everything for your convenience.

Gunner + Lux and Cat + Mouse Collaboration DIY Necklace, $24.99

This DIY wooden necklace will bring hours of fun to your budding fashion designer. Made in Atlanta and designed by 6-year-old Riley and her dad John, each kit includes one wooden necklace and a set of magic markers. 

Seedling DESIGN OUT LOUD! Cardboard Speakers, $25

Calling all aspiring DJs! This chart-topping kit includes foldable kraft speakers, markers, paint, and more to create a working mini boombox. Your child can simply plug his or her device into the microphone jack and cue up a favorite playlist.

Uncle Goose State of Sound Blocks, $100

Music unites. This set of 50 basswood blocks by Uncle Goose will introduce your child to the prominent musical styles of each state. With eye-catching details like embossed records and the definitions of influential musical styles, these unique blocks have a lot to offer!

Rose & Rex Calm Mind Kit, $75

Our Calm Mind Kit contains everything you need to introduce mindfulness to your family in a playful way. Created by childhood development and wellness experts, each kit includes three handcrafted toys and a deck of Calm Mind Activity Cards that highlights how to use the toys in a variety of mediation, movement, and breathing exercises. The denim pouch will help your family #cultivatecalm on the go!

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