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The Guide: Gifts & Toys for Toddlers

Once toddlerhood arrives, you may find your little one with more of everything: more energy, more enthusiasm and a more colorful imagination. Lean on these toys to help make the most of a toddler's curiosity and support his/her cognitive, emotional and physical development.

Balance & Build

Uncle Goose Constellation Blocks, $25

Uncle Goose Constellation Blocks

We’re starry-eyed for these handcrafted wooden blocks, beautifully illustrated and debossed with 16 constellations. Each block features the constellation's name, symbol, hemisphere, and scale of magnitude. An illuminating gift for curious, young thinkers.

Tegu 42 Piece, $110 

The perfect material for constructive play! Designed by visionary brand Tegu, this heirloom-quality building set is full of possibilities. Each unique shape has a hidden magnet that connects cubes, columns and parallelograms into anything your little one can dream up. 

Areaware Balancing Blocks, $48

Little ones can create their own sculptures by balancing these colorful, faceted stone-shaped blocks. Areaware crafts some of the coolest handmade wooden toys around. This set of balancing blocks is loved by all ages and is an engaging gift for the entire family! 

Fabulous Friends

Bla Bla TouTou the Dog, $44

Meet TouTou the dog, a quirky, plush friend who is ready for adventure. Handwoven in Peru from 100% cotton, this cuddly pup will be a beloved member of the family for years to come. 

Alimrose Baby Fairy, $30

Calling all storytellers! This modern fairy offers endless possibilities for imaginative play. With sparkly wings and a soft tulle tutu, Baby Fairy is a magical companion. 

Alimrose Yvette Rainbow Unicorn Doll, $50

Another Alimrose fave, Yvette is ready to dance the night away in a tulle skirt and golden ballet shoes. Unlike dolls that portray a specific character, Yvette is defined by your little one’s imagination. Who’s up for a dance party?

Hazel Village Firefly TuTu Bundle with Juliette Rabbit, $100

‘Tis the season for twinning! Juliette Rabbit is made of organic cotton fleece with hand-stitched details She is beautifully packaged with a matching glittery tutu for your child. 

Just Imagine...

Papoose Felt Doctor Kit, $40

This handmade felt doctor kit inspires children to act with empathy as they role play and create original stories. Prepare to be a patient!  

Petit Collage Safari Jumble Wood Puzzle, $36

This open-ended puzzle features a modern design and can be used in lots of different ways. When taken apart, individual puzzle pieces become safari animals ready for imaginative play. From supporting hand-eye coordination to enhancing problem-solving skills, this is one gift you’ll be proud to give. 

Erzi Big Box Shop Assortment, $125

A bounty of wooden food props will inspire your toddler to cook up some imaginative play! Beautifully handcrafted in Germany, this big box assortment includes 41 individual food items plus 2 wooden display crates. 

Let's Make Some Music!

Kukkia Hamburger and Fries Instrument Set, $25

Impeccably crafted from sustainably sourced beech wood and felt, this witty food set doubles as musical instruments. The hamburger “maraca” clicks and clacks, while the fries make a perfect rattle. Whether your family is creating a new song or planning a pretend burger party, this set is a delicious addition to playtime!     

Petit Collage Elephant Xylophone Musical Toy, $25

This Elephant Xylophone Musical Toy is a playful way to introduce your little ones to rhythm and sound. Compact and easy to carry, the elephant trunk doubles as a handle. Each elephant xylophone comes complete with an elastic hoop to safely store the wooden mallet between jam sessions.   

On-The-Go Favorites

Mouse Loves Pig Farm Travel Toy, $74

This handcrafted, sensory-rich travel toy is made from brightly colored felt pieces. It contains canvas pockets that serve as separate sleeping stalls for your child’s favorite animals. The sturdy canvas backing can withstand the rough play of toddlers and preschoolers, making this a durable toy that’s perfect for on-the-go play!     

Kaleidoscope Play Camera, $35

This wooden toy camera is designed with a kaleidoscope lens and is powered by your little one's imagination. We love this open-ended alternative to the real thing because it engages children rather than simply providing entertainment. Say cheese!

Tegu Pocket Building Set, $25

Tegu Block Pocket Building Set

Creativity to go! From car rides, to park adventures, to waiting in line, a child’s imagination can take off anywhere. Designed by Tegu, this pocket set of building blocks features six beautifully crafted wooden pieces with hidden magnets.

Transportion Toys

Candylab White Beast, $48

Designed by Candylab, this white beast is the coolest car in town. Each car is crafted of solid beechwood with water-based paint and natural rubber tires.

Candylab Toys Candy Cars, $9.50

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Alert! At 3 inches long, these adorable cars are perfect for on-the-go adventures, collecting, construction and building play!

Let's Get Moving

Sarah’s Silks Giant Play Silk, $60

These 9 foot eco-friendly, durable playsilks will transform with your child's imagination! Children use these giant play silks as a doorway puppet theater, a fort, a tent, a roof over a house, a long fairy cape...the possibilities never end! 

Fagus Car Transporter, $128

Fagus cars and trucks are expertly made and of the highest quality. All Fagus wooden toys, like this heirloom car transporter, are made without nails, screws or staples. Instead the beechwood pieces are hand interlocked, doweled and glued together.

Banwood FIRST GO! Balance Bike, $189

Forget about training wheels! This vintage styled balance bike is a safe and comfortable ride for your little one that will naturally develop their balance and steering.

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