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The Ultimate Day-By-Day Gifts for Advent, Hanukkah & the 12 Days of Christmas

Looking for creative ways to spread out the holiday cheer? Whether you’re preparing for a festive Advent, celebrating every night of Hanukkah, or observing the 12 Days of Christmas, we’ve got you covered! Here are 5 Ultimate Gift Collections that are sure to delight and inspire your little ones- day after day.  

Exploring Household Materials with The Everyday Play Deck

Day/Night #1: Your child can unwrap The Everyday Play Deck and begin to explore repurposed and household materials.

Following Days/Nights: Wrap household items that are featured in the Everyday Play Deck (colander, cardboard tube, etc.) with a repurposed or reusable material (newspaper, play silks, etc.). Prepare one wrapped item for each day or night that you’re celebrating. For example, 7 wrapped household items for the remaining 7 nights of Hanukkah. Place these items in a large box or basket and each day/night, your child can unwrap one item! Together, you can explore different ways to play with this item, using The Everyday Play Deck as inspiration. Here’s to playfully exploring everyday materials, all winter long!

Transforming the Maileg House of Miniature Ultimate Dollhouse

Day/Night #1: Surprise your child with the Maileg House of Miniature Ultimate Dollhouse.

Following Days/Nights: Your child can unwrap one new animal friend or dollhouse accessory each day or night. Invite grandparents, aunts and uncles to get in on the fun by surprising your child with additional friends and accessories to help transform this sweet house into a one-of-a-kind home!

Building the Ultimate Baby Doll Collection- Day by Day

Day/Night #1: Your little one can unwrap a Dinkum Doll, Dozy Dinkum, or a soft doll of your choice!

Following Days/Nights: Surprise your child with a different accessory for his or her doll each day: clothing, a mini blanket, bedding, or doll furniture. The final gift can serve as the grand finale. Think rattan pram, bed, or changing table!

Creating an Animal Collection- Piece by Piece

Day/Night #1: Surprise your child with one wooden animal by Poppy Baby Co. + a large basket or display shelf where he or she will eventually store the entire collection.

Following Days/Nights: Each day, your child can unwrap another animal. Together, you can create habitats for this growing collection of animals. Make a list of the natural elements each animal needs to feel healthy and happy, such as tall trees to climb, rocks for sunbathing, or mountains to climb. Book illustrations are often helpful and inspiring during the brainstorming process. This animal collection is a meaningful way to jumpstart your very own nature study! 

For more unique gift ideas, be sure to follow us on Instagram @roseandrex and check out our new arrivals daily. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and playful holiday season!

About the Author
Lauren Vien taught in private Manhattan preschools for over a decade before joining the Rose & Rex team as Education Director. With a masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from NYU, Lauren is deeply passionate about positive language and developmental play. She lives on the Upper West Side with her husband and two young children, Henry and Violet. Family pastimes include building with couch cushions, preparing plant-based meals, and scooting to neighborhood playgrounds.
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