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Alphabet Play Block Set

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  • Description

    The entire family will love this ingenious, adorable alphabet block set created by Korean designers Oioiooi. This unique play set consists of 60 solid wooden blocks made of walnut and beech wood. Each wooden letter has a corresponding shape for children to identify and match as they play. In addition to supporting letter recognition, these alphabet blocks also inspire storytelling and imaginative play. The included picture book, storage bag, and sturdy drawer box makes this Alphabet Play Block Set a unique, heirloom-quality gift that will be part of your family’s play experiences for many years to come. 


  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Beech wood, walnut wood

    Details: Comes with cotton bag and book

    Ages: 3+, Some pieces have magnets safely embeded inside and small parts

  • Play is okay! tip

    Invite your child to go on a Letter Hunt around your home. Once he or she identities and matches the letter that corresponds with a particular block, encourage your child to find household items that begin with the same letter. “I see you matched the letter T with the truck block. What else can you find that begins with the letter T?” Together, count how many T items your child has found. Gather and collect the individual items, or create a list or words/drawings. Which letter will you search for next?