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The Dough Project

Dough It Yourself D.I.Y. Kit

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    Give the gift of creating together! One of our top picks this holiday season, This DIY natural play dough kit from The Dough Project includes everything you need to whip up a fresh batch of all natural dough for playing. The Dough Project use only the finest ingredients (non-gmo, plant-based, chemical-free) and pre-measures everything for your convenience.

    The Dough Project

  • Materials & Safety

    What’s inside the box:
    1 Recipe Card
    1 non-gmo flour packet
    1 sea salt packet
    1 cream of tartar packet
    1 mini oil bottle
    3 plant based color packs
    1 ready-made mini dough jar for impatient mini chefs
    1 Rolling Pin
    3 empty, labeled jars for storing your dough

    What you’ll need from home:
    Not-stick pot
    Stove Top
    Mixing Bowl
    Mixing Spoon/whisk
    3/4 Cup Water

    Requires water

    Requires use of stove

    Adult supervision is required for use of stove

  • Play is okay! tip

    Need a starter question? Try this one: What can you do with your hands to change the shape of this dough?