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Moss & Grove Fairyhouse Kit

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$ 40
Provides 4 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Ready to find the magic? Bring out the dreamer in any child with this enchanting set. Nature is an incredible destination for a child’s curiosity. The flora and fauna is full of discoveries and engages all their senses. This gift set introduces them to the wonderful world of fairies, and with the treasures hidden inside (moss tufts, feathers, acorn caps, fairy dust) they can build their own fairy house. What does it look like? What do fairies need? What colors do they like? Whether you bring nature indoors or go on an adventure outside, the fairy kit connects them with the earth and reinforces unique self-expression and the joy of the creative process.

    Designed by Liza Gardner Walsh

  • Materials & Safety

    Kit includes: sustainably harvested moss, feathers, acorn caps, sea shells, sea glass, fairy dust in a corked glass bottle, and a twig pencil.

    Made in Maine.

    Ages 4+ with supervision

  • Play is okay! tip

    Bring your Fairyhouse Kit outdoors. Invite children to collect natural materials to add to their home. To spark their imagination, pose this question: Where do you think a fairy lives?