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Rose & Rex

Homeschool Essentials Bundle

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    Whether you are opting to homeschool this year or are looking for ways to prepare your children for a new kind of back to school experience, lean on play to support their development. From cognitive skills to emotional fluency, play is how children grow, learn and thrive! Our team of early childhood educators has compiled a complete bundle of toys and resources to support holistic development through play. Each bundle comes with:

    Emotion Wheel: Helping children develop social and emotional skills is just as important as teaching children academics skills, like reading and math. This handcrafted emotion wheel helps children to build their emotional fluency and vocabulary. As children engage with the wheel to share how they are feeling, they are learning to identify their feelings and communicate them, which are essential skills. Use the emotion wheel with your child or leave it out and accessible in their play space so they can communicate how they are feeling at any time of day.

    Make My Day Activity Set: A unique activity dollhouse to help children learn their routine. Move the clock hands to help bear follow a daily routine! From waking up to going to sleep, there are lots of things the bear can do in a day. Playing with this toy will help children make sense of their routine. After play, work with your child to create a written schedule of what their day will look like.

    Planet Earth Large Scoop Dough: Part art. Part science. All fun. Invite your child to explore the planet in a whole new way as he or she digs through the Earth’s layers. Land of Dough is committed to creating worry-free, natural products for kids ages 3+. They use only wholesome ingredients, rich natural vegetable dyes and biodegradable glitter so you can feel confident in your choice of playing dough. 

    Weather Play Dough Stamps: These handmade weather playdough stamp tools offer a creative tactile activity for your child while he/she learns about weather and all of its forms. With 7 different play stamps, your child will squish and stamp their way into science-filled play. No umbrella needed! 

    To Tonet Alphabet Blocks: Grab these bold black and white blocks to help children grow fundamental skills! Young children can use these blocks for play experiences with building, patterning, letter recognition, and spelling to support fine motor and cognitive skills they’ll bring into adulthood. Offering both visual and tactile experiences, this handcrafted block set features sans serif letters on black and white backgrounds and geometric and floral patterns.

    Rose & Rex Guide to Block Play: The Rose & Rex Guide to Block Play offers the information and inspiration you need to make block play meaningful, educational and fun! Building blocks are essential materials for supporting the development of foundational skills like mathematical thinking, literacy, and resilience. In our Guide to Block Play, we offer 25 comprehensive tips on everything from block organization to building play prompts, plus strategies to make cleanup part of the fun.

    Rose & Rex Positive Language Guide: Whether you’re hoping to tackle challenging moments, enhance everyday conversations, or inspire open dialogue about big topics, we’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive guide includes real life examples and consists of three types of positive language strategies:  

    Positive language vs. negative language:
    Become familiar with positive language alternatives to common statements like “Don’t hit!” and “Stop throwing sand!” You’ll receive language strategies for specific scenarios that every parent, caregiver, or educator is bound to experience.

    Positive language strategies for challenging moments:
    Learn how to set limits and offer meaningful consequences using a positive language approach. Responding to challenging moments in this way clarifies expectations and provides children with valuable opportunities to modify their own behavior.

    Positive language for everyday conversations:
    Desperate to get your child talking after a long day apart? Wondering how to respond when your child requests help for the 100th time? Our positive language strategies will serve you well. We’ll explain the difference between encouragement and praise (and why it matters) and even help you tackle big topics like bodily consent!

    Rose & Rex

  • Materials & Safety

    Designed for ages 2.5-6 with supervision 

    Guides are digital downloads that will be emailed within 24 hours of purchase.