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The Original Hundred Board

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  • Description

    Playtime is learning time! This expertly handcrafted traditional Montessori hundred board has been modified for more open-ended play so it can grow with your child. Introducing your younger child to a hundred chart will help him/her learn to count and recognize numbers and find patterns. It’s an amazing hands-on learning tool that supports endless learning through play. 

    Ideas for playing with the wooden hundred board: 
    1. Put objects in the board for fine motor skills development — first with fingers and then with tongs
    2. Color sort with colored balls
    3. Try out some simple counting exercises
    4. Practice forming/creating shapes
    5. Start adding and subtracting — add balls and take balls away to practice counting
    6. Move on to some multiplication and division — place balls in different rows and then count away!

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  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: highest quality maple wood, non-toxic paints, and sealants that are food safe. The CPSC approval is made by third party labs and we maintain an up to date compliance certificate at all times.

    Ages: 3+, wooden balls are a choking hazard 

  • Play is okay! tip

    Use the hundred board as a tool or “manipulative” to help make early abstract math concepts, like adding and subtracting concrete.