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Positive Affirmation Flashcards

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  • Description
    These vibrant affirmation flashcards are designed to encourage positive thinking in young children. Affirmation cards are a wonderful and engaging way to encourage children to talk about their feelings and help them develop self confidence and a mindfulness practice. Kiddos can chose a card a day to read and display on their bedroom wall, on their desk or on the fridge, anywhere that they will see it regularly to remind them of their daily affirmation.

    Fili and Flora

  • Materials & Safety

    Details: 12 beautifully illustrated positive affirmation cards for kids. Ideal for promoting good mental health and boosting self esteem in children.

    Designed and made by a teacher.

    A6 size - sturdy card with rounded corners for durability.

  • Play is okay! tip

    2 years and under? Read these cards to your little one like you would read them a story. Change the "I" to "you".

    2-5 years. Read the cards daily and ask your child to repeat after you.

    5 years and beyond. Have the child read the card themselves (with a little help at first).