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Winter Wonderland Set

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  • Description

    A winter scene create by Sabo Concept, toy makers who champion simplicity and Scandinavian style. We love using this stunning, handmade winter scene set as a prop that engages children’s storytelling instincts and as a bridge to other topics: the natural world, geography, the concept of home, a deeper study of seasons, and more. From babies to big kids, nurture their curiosity and see where their imagination takes them.

    Sabo Concept 

  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Linden wood, water based paint

    Made in: Ukraine

    Ages: 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Point out what you notice—it's a simple, powerful way to support and engage a child's curiosity. Share objective observations as your child builds. "Noticings" validate their work, encourage conversation about process and let them know that you are paying attention.