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Shell Set

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$ 25
  • Description

    Evolve your Huzi Mixed Animal into a new creature with this set of eight accessories, including a big shell, horns and more open-ended forms. As it morphs from a steady tortoise to a tall giraffe, this modern plush toy encourages a child to innovate, reinforces science know-how and invites literacy opportunities: What’s this animal’s name? Where does it live? Who are its friends? Lovingly handmade by Huzi, each super soft plush piece has hidden, sewn-in magnets, so your young zoologist’s latest species stays in place.

  • Materials & Safety

    Handmade from super soft plush.

    Hand-stitched, hidden magnets.

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Ask your child if they know why animals have a shell. Encourage him/her to make some guesses before you tell them the answer—'mistakes' are welcome.