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Parent Teddy Bundle - Set 1

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  • Description
    Children yearn to see themselves -and their family structure- reflected in the world around them. We’ve teamed up with Maileg to celebrate families of all kinds and are thrilled to introduce these exclusive, customizable Parent Teddy Sets. Select the set that best reflects your own family or simply welcome a couple of Parent Teddy Bears to your child’s growing Maileg family. From the books that we read, to the toys that we offer, it is our responsibility to help our children feel seen and heard. It’s equally important to teach our children to embrace families different from their own.


  • Materials & Safety

    Details: Set includes two Parent-Sized Maileg Teddy Bears in removable outfits 

    Dimensions: Aprx 9" each

    Ages 3+

  • Complete the set
  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage your child to playfully explore family transitions or milestones. “How is your mouse family preparing for the new baby?” “Let’s help your mouse family pack for their big trip!” “How is Brother Mouse feeling about school starting again?” When children are unable or unwilling to engage in complex conversations, play can be a powerful way to process big feelings.