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Blue Bird Cape Dress Up

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  • Description

    Let your little soar where creativity knows no bounds, in this imaginative Blue Bird dress up set! A much adored addition to their costume collection, this set contains uniquely crafted blue wings and a tail, both made from ruffled tulle. The headpiece is made of blue velvet, with stitched silver eyes and a glittery beak! When children become a character, they move naturally, feel deeply and think originally as they explore another role. Thoughtfully secured with a popper fastener, this set encourages independence for your little to adjust themselves, and fly off to their next enchanting escape!

    Meri Meri

  • Materials & Safety

    Set includes: One winged cape with a delightful tail detail, crafted from blue lined layered tulle one blue velvet headdress with hand-stitched features including a glitter fabric beak.

    The cape is secured with a popper fastener and the headdress with a glitter elastic hook & loop fastener.

    Product dimensions: Neck - 14.5 inches, Length - 26 inches

    Suitable for ages 3-6

  • Play is okay! tip

    Use this open-ended question to inspire more creativity: What do you think a bluebird's home is like? Did you know, bluebirds are said to symbolize happiness, hope & good luck? Invite your little for birdwatching and see if any of these friendly birds fly around the trees and shrubs near you!

    *Hint: If you live by Junipers, Hollies or Sumacs you may spot a few berry loving bluebirds on your next adventure!