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Together Set

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  • Description

    A jolly set of Nins of all sizes and shapes, representing the diversity of the world around us! This Grapat sets favor creative and divergent thinking. Free play allows our children to connect with their deepest desire and develop the activity they need.

    The unstructured and open-ended play objects do not have a correct or incorrect way to be used, so we work without instructions.

    The materials used are open to guide the child through all its learning phases. The pieces can be transformed into symbolic material for the creation of stories and the construction of small worlds but can also serve for mathematical, language or sensory games.


  • Materials & Safety

    Set includes: 

    3 narrow Nins (65 mm H)
    3 wide Nins (65 mm H)
    3 striped Nins (65 mm H)
    3 baby Nins (38 mm H)
    Fabric bag

    Ages: 3+

    Manufactured according to the stringent European toy safety directive EN-71