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Priya & Peanut

Newborn Baby Sensory Flashcards

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  • Description

    Stimulate, entertain & develop your Baby's eyes and brain using these beautiful 0+ Month Baby Sensory Flashcards! Watch as your baby's eyes begin to light up as they observe and track the high contrast animals, shapes, patterns and more (60 designs in total). 

    These Baby Sensory Flashcards were created based on scientific research & studies that show that a newborn baby's vision is typically blurry and their field of vision is small, reaching a maximum of 12 inches. Studies have proven that high contrast images and colors, mainly black & white at younger ages, register the strongest with your baby's retina which stimulates their brain to help their growth and development.

    Each black & white, high contrast 0+ Month Baby Sensory Flashcards has been created to be used with newborn babies, to help attract their full focus and attention, whilst helping to mature and develop their photoreceptors. 

    How Do You Use Your Baby Sensory Flashcards?

    1 - Pick any Animal, Shape or Pattern card
    2 - Hold around 8-12 inches away from your Baby's face
    3 - Keep switching cards every 10-20 seconds and continue for 3-5 minutes
    4 - Repeat daily and watch your Baby’s attention span and tracking develop

    Priya & Peanut

  • Materials & Safety

    Our 0+ Month Baby Sensory Flashcards Come With:

    60 pictures on 30 x 350gsm FSC approved A6 Flashcards
    Fully printed, memorable keep safe tuck box
    Made & printed in the UK

    You Receive The Following Designs:

    20 x Animals
    20 x Patterns
    10 x Fruit & Veg
    6 x Plants & Flowers
    4 x Weather

  • Play is okay! tip

    Looking for ways to support your baby's development through play? Our Baby Play Basics Class is an online course that invites parents to play, learn, and connect with their babies.