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Tanabata Rainbow "Cookie" Stars

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Provides 5 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Make a wish upon a star! These vibrant, colorful wooden “cookie” stars are more than a beautiful food prop—they’re considered a ‘manipulative’, which helps develop a variety of cognitive skills, from mathematics to spatial awareness. These stars can be stacked, piled and used as building blocks. They can be lined up side by side or designed into a pattern. They can be counted or grouped by color or pattern, and used as a counting tool to teach simple math. The possibilities are truly endless, and when their not being manipulated into something magical, they’re simply stunning to stare at. Store them in their metallic carrying bag when not in use, or keep them out on the coffee table, so fun and learning are always at hand.

    Designed by Kukkia-Kiko+

  • Materials & Safety

    Made from: FSC-approved, responsibly sourced beech wood.

    Ages 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    A completely open-ended toy, help your child explore the many amazing possibilities these Tanabata cookies present: dominoes, a counting game, cookies in a pretend bakery—there are no limits!