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Magnetic Blocks Classroom Set (130 pieces)

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$ 300
Provides 30 toys for children in need
  • Description
    The ultimate building set for classrooms, playrooms or master builders! These magnetic blocks are the perfect material for constructive play! Designed by visionary brand Tegu, this heirloom-quality building set are full of possibilities. Each unique shape has a hidden magnet that connects cubes, columns and parallelograms into anything you dream up: a castle in the clouds or caves underwater, a winged buffalo or a speedy skier. As children happily build, they develop their cognitive planning skills and creativity, as well as cooperation and teamwork in a social setting. Watch their eyes light up as each piece clicks magically into place as the joy of process unfolds.


  • Materials & Safety

    Please note, at this time the Classroom Kit is not available for shipping outside the US or Canada. 

    The Classroom Kit is a bulk pack of Tegu Blocks perfect for both the classroom or the home playroom.

    Includes 130 blocks in 10 shapes: 16 cubes, 18 tall columns, 12 short columns, 24 mega planks, 12 long planks, 12 short planks, 8 small trapezoids, 8 long trapezoids, 4 triangles, and 16 wheels

    Ages 1+

    Warning: This product contains small magnets. Swallowed magnets can cause complications leading to serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

    Designed in the USA, purposefully made in Honduras.

    Materials: Eco-friendly, sustainably-sourced hardwoods. Safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers (for colors and clear coats). As a vertically-integrated company, we intimately know our supply chain and suppliers.

    Safety: This product conforms to the USA and European safety requirements of CPSIA 2011 and EN71, respectively.

  • Play is okay! tip
    • Be a playmate! Young children learn how to play with others by first engaging in parallel play, which means playing next to someone, separately. Sit next to your child and start creating your own block structure right near them. Doing so will encourage conversation, collaboration and social learning.