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Farmers Market Veggie Rattles

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Provides 4 toys for children in need
  • Description
    Nurture baby’s budding senses with these hand-crocheted, eco-friendly and anti-allergenic veggie rattles, ripe with delightful design details! The first type of play that babies truly engage in is sensory play, which helps facilitate their cognitive and physical growth, from language to fine motor skills. As they explore touch, sight, sound and more, they begin to understand the world around them through the joy of play. Rattle, smile, repeat!


  • Materials & Safety

    Hand-crocheted with soft bamboo yarn from organically and sustainably harvested bamboo. Naturally anti-allergenic and antibacterial.

    Toys are designed in San Francisco, USA but lovingly hand-crocheted by a team of artisan women in China, mostly mothers and farmers working to provide their families with extra income for basic needs.

We provide free training, flexible working hours and fair wage.

    Toys are tested for highest standards of safety (ASTM and CPSIA).

    Available in assorted sets of 4: carrot, tomato, corn, eggplant (cotton bag included).


  • Play is okay! tip

    Take your little one on a real life trip to your local Farmers Market to encourage imaginative play with this hand-knit rattle set!