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Rattan Harlow Pram

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  • Description

    A stunning doll stroller with heart handle, made of sustainable and renewable rattan. Children love transportation, so movement toys are a natural fit for nurturing their physical, cognitive and emotional development, and answering an essential curiosity: how something works. From dramatic play to building, this stroller push toy invites an abundance of creative opportunities: talk about its mechanics and design attributes to hone communication and literacy, create a family with pretend friends as a catalyst for role-playing and processing feelings, or just let them enjoy simply pushing it ‘round and ‘round—the action helps them practice fine and gross motor skills, but they just experience delight.  

    Ellie & Becks Co

  • Materials & Safety

    Details: As items are individually handmade with natural materials, products may have slight imperfections and vary slightly in color. Each piece is completely unique and crafted with care by artisans in Indonesia.

    Age Recommendation: 2+

    Dimensions: 17 x 12.5 x 23 in. (to top of handle)

    Mattress: 15.5 x 8.5 in. 



  • Play is okay! tip

    Perfect for a new big brother or sister, this toy can help children explore and work through feelings about family with role-playing. Become your child's playmate and pretend to be a new family member or friend to help them adjust to their new role.