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Pom Pom the Fuzzy Bunny

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Provides 6 toys for children in need
  • Description
    Pom Pom the Bunny is a re-imagined classic favorite that will stay with your little one as he or she grows. This Fuzzy Bear handmade by Bla Bla has a uniquely soft and irresistible texture. Created from 100% cotton thread that they engineered themselves, each piece is hand embroidered with splashes of color which gives it that extra special touch! 

    Bla Bla

  • Materials & Safety

    100% cotton | Designed in the US | Handmade in Peru

    20" tall

  • Play is okay! tip
    • Invite children to act out stories as you read them aloud, whether it’s a published story or one of their original tales. Giving physical expression and movement to their characters adds another layer to their learning and supports physical development.