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Myers Natural

Myers Natural Hidden Rainbow

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Provides 11 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Natural wood on the top, rainbow underneath! Unlike a typical puzzle, an open-ended puzzle isn’t just for solving—it’s for re-imagining again and again. When taken apart, children can explore the individual pieces in creative ways. Stack them into a tower. Build a racetrack with tunnels. Create a pattern. Flip the arches over and turn them into boats for little plush friends. A staple of Waldorf and Montessori curriculums, this Hidden Rainbow Stacker supports a variety of essential skills young children are learning as they grow, from language to pre-math skills to planning and execution. 

    Myers Natural Toy Company is family-run out of Smith Valley, Nevada. Every toy they make is handcrafted from high quality wood that is grown and harvested in the USA. 

  • Materials & Safety

    Measurements (Large): Each arch is a full 2.5” thick! The entire rainbow is 13.5" wide and 7 tall. 

    Measurements (Small): Each arch is a full 2.5” thick. The entire rainbow is 6" wide and 3.25" tall.

    Material: Cherry wood, water-based toy maker’s dye, water-based clear wood finish.

    Due to variation in wood grain the rainbows are sometimes darker or lighter than pictures.

    To increase durability 3 separate wood pieces are used in each arch. 

    Made in the USA

  • Play is okay! tip
    • Point out what you notice—it's a simple, powerful way to support and engage a child's curiosity. Share objective observations as your child builds such as, I noticed that you stacked the yellow arch on top of the red arch. "Noticings" validate their work, encourage conversation about process and let them know that you are paying attention.