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6 Pack of Dough + DIY Mix Combo

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    Dough to play with now and dough to make together later! This fun set includes six jars of natural dough and three "Dough It Yourself" kits. Five Ingredients: Infinite Possibility. The Dough Project creates opportunities for open-ended, sensory-based play through a line of all-natural, plant-based dough for playing. Founder and teacher Chelsea Milkman deeply believes that children are capable, competent, and deserving of quality materials.

    All dough from The Dough Project is made from all natural, food-grade ingredients and colored from plants. Each batch is handmade just for you in New York City so choose your colors and get playing! This must-have combo pack includes 6 jars of dough that is ready for play, along with ingredients and step by step instructions to whip up three batches of fresh dough at home. 

  • Materials & Safety

    Fresh plant-based play dough made in NYC 

    Jarred Dough Ingredients: water / non gmo flour / sea salt / cream of tartar / veggie oil Colored with: beet / turmeric / spirulina annatto seed / chlorophyll / purple carrot activated charcoal


    Dry mix is made from organic wheat flour, sea salt & cream of tartar, plus, beet, turmeric & spirulina for color. Requires a grown up to use the stove. 

    Ages 3+ 

  • Play is okay! tip

    Dough is a form of play that children will return to again and again. Build on each experience by adding different found items into the play space. Think colanders, rolling pins, and cookie cutters to encourage fine motor skills; leaves and flowers to make prints with; seeds, sand, or beads to create a multidimensional sensory experience.