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Mini Dozy Dinkum

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  • Description

    The Dozy Dinkums are the dreamiest little babies who are waiting to be discovered by their kid – or newborn – counterpart. There is a Dozy Dinkum for everyone. Who will your little one’s Dozy Dinkum be? It’s up to them to decide! Dozy Dinkums are made from the softest cotton outer and have a posable body with just the right amount of squish for endless cuddles, adventures and play.

    Olli Ella

  • Materials & Safety

    Ages 0+

    Unique, embroidered faces and a mini button nose for cuteness overload.

    Non-removable onesie with an embroidered rainbow right over their heart.

    Dozy Babies are 12.6” tall and 3” wide at their belly.

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  • Play is okay! tip

    When preparing for a new sibling encourage your children to have play time with Mini. When children engage in dramatic play they are acting out things that are happening in their own lives, exploring emotions, and trying new ideas. When children try on a role, such as mom or baby, they must take on the perspective of who they are pretending to be, which helps to shift the way they perceive the world and their relationships. Play also offers children the time to wrestle with concepts and feelings that they may not fully understand, like taking care of a baby.