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Whale Mason Jar Solar Night Light

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  • Description

    Calling all ocean lovers! Meet your modern nightlight. This solar-powered scene in a jar adds whimsy to nightstands, window sills or a bookshelf. For some children, night can be a magical time for dreaming. For others, the dark can be scary. Use this whale light to provide comfort and make night a pleasant time that’s powered by creativity and a bit of play, from storytelling to shadow puppets to singing in the dark before drifting off to sweet dreams. To use, place in a sunny window during the day to recharge. Also comes with a rechargeable AAA battery.

    *Please note, lights are intended for intermittent use. The maximum time the light will stay on is about 4 hours at a time, until recharged. Battery life may not withstand long periods of time, please play mindfully. 

  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: glass mason jar, hand-painted wooden figure with wool felt and paper accents, solar-powered LED light in the lid

    Details: Place in a sunny window daily to recharge. Turns on automatically in the dark. Includes an easily replaceable AAA rechargeable battery.  

    Dimensions: 3” D x 5.5” H

    Safety: For decoration only 

  • Play is okay! tip
    • When it’s time for a bedtime story, take a break from the books one night and make up a story together about the friendly whale in the jar. Take turns adding to the narrative.