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BlaBla YoYo the Monkey

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  • Description

    YoYo loves ice cream with sprinkles, finding constellations, and learning long division, but what would your kiddo add to this Monkey's favorites list? Reach for this cuddly, individually hand-knit plush unicorn to invite storytelling opportunities, one of the best ways to help grow young children’s literacy and communication skills. And Since YoYo isn’t a known movie or book character with a predetermined story, children can dream up their own original tales again and again. This super soft pal is also a terrific tool for helping to support kids’ emotional growth too, like learning empathy, how to nurture, and share feelings. Yep, this unicorn definitely has magical powers.

    Bla Bla

  • Materials & Safety

    Dimensions: 12” length

    Details: Individually handmade with lots of love & care

    Materials: Crafted of soft Peruvian cotton

  • Play is okay! tip

    Try these open-ended questions and prompts to kick-off children’s story or character development: What hobbies does YoYo enjoy? What does YoYo's laugh sound like? DescribeYoYo's home…. What are YoYo's favorite foods?