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Earthy the World Ball

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  • Description

    We think the world of the newest bath toy from Oli & Carol! They created Earthy the World Ball to introduce children to the wonders of our planet and to share their appreciation of the diversity of human beings that inhabit it. As young children explore every corner of this tactile globe, they engage their developing senses. Earthy is made from 100% natural rubber & hand-painted with natural pigments. Each globe is made all in one piece with no hole, preventing the creation of bacteria inside. 

    Oli & Carol

  • Materials & Safety

    Each “Earthy” The World Ball is:

    - Made from 100% biodegradable natural rubber from Hevea trees
    - Hand-painted with safe natural pigments
    - Hygienic construction, without a hole, prevents the growth of mold and bacteria

  • Play is okay! tip

    Bring playtime into bathtime. As children play in water they develop mathematical skills by organically making observations about concepts like volume, gravity and density.