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Wooden Toy Clock

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  • Description
    A perfect homeschool toy or tool for an early childhood education classroom, this clock will become an instant staple. This beautiful, all natural wooden toy clock helps children learn how to tell time.The minute and hour hands are made of different wood - minute hand with darker chocolatey brown walnut and hour hand with red cherry. The engravings match the colors, the hours are engraved in reddish brown to match the hands and the minute markings are almost black to give a subtle contrast and separation of concepts.

    Mirus Toys

  • Materials & Safety

    Ages: 3+

    Dimensions: measure 6" in diameter and easy to manipulate.

    Materials: Clock face is made of buttery white maple. Hour hand is made of red alder and the minute hand is walnut.

  • Play is okay! tip

    In addition to a tool for teaching time, use this clock as a prop for dramatic play!