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Baby Room with Micro Bunny

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  • Description
    The baby has arrived! Meet our new bundle of joy from Maileg. This sweet playful set contains a micro rabbit, bib, baby bottle, and the bed linen. When you open the drawer a sweet melody will play. Perfect for teaching a child about family and encouraging empathy, this set can support imaginative play, which effective tool during times of social learning, such welcoming a new family member.


  • Materials & Safety

    Dimensions: 6" x 5" x 3". Bunny is aprx. 5.5" tall. 

    Details: Please remember to close the drawer after use, as the music will last for approximately 5 hours of play and the battery cannot be replaced. 

    Materials: Sturdy cardboard room, cotton and polyester for bunny and bedding. 

    Ages: 3+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Perfect for a new big brother or sister, this toy can help children explore and work through feelings about family with role-playing. Become your child's playmate and pretend to be a new family member or friend to help them adjust to their new role.