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House of Miniature Garage Bundle

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  • Description
    The coolest room in the house! This exclusive furniture bundle come with the Maileg Bonus Room and has everything your little one needs for a fun garage space or lounge in their House of Miniature or Dollhouse! Young children love playing "house," which allows them to explore their feelings about the home and the behaviors that they see take place where they live. Tying play into something children see on a regular basis, this cool pretend prop set invites dramatic play, storytelling and crafting opportunities, and fits perfectly into a Dollhouse!   


  • Materials & Safety

    Details: House of Miniature Bonus Room, Racer Mouse, Hanging Micro Chair, Mustard Rug

    Made of: Metal, Wood and Cotton
    Ages: 3+
    Dimensions: Dollhouse-sized furniture ranging from 2" to 9.5", Bonus room is 11.5 x 12" 


  • Complete the set
  • Play is okay! tip

    Children draw on real life for play inspiration. Little ones love to play "house" because it allows them to process feelings about their own home and their role in it.