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Cotton Twist

Cotton Twist Make Your Own Worry Dolls Kit

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  • Description

    Children can create their own set of three miniature worry dolls with this sustainable kit. After wrapping their wooden peg dolls with cotton thread, and giving each doll a uniquely drawn face, children can share their worries and fears with these one-of-a-kind friends. Worry dolls offer children an opportunity to express themselves freely and release negative thoughts or feelings. This bedtime ritual originated in Guatemala, where children are taught that worry dolls have the power to ease our fears as we sleep. 

    Cotton Twist

  • Materials & Safety

    MATERIAL - 3 mini wooden peg dolls, wool, glue dots, 6 colour thread cotton winder

    DIMENSIONS - each pack comes with a recyclable kraft envelope measuring 16.5cm by 11.5cm together with an A6 printed instruction card

  • Play is okay! tip

    Encourage your child to share one specific worry or fear with his or her favorite worry doll. Explain that it can be helpful and powerful to speak our worries and fears out loud; try to respect your child’s boundaries if he or she feels more comfortable doing this in private. Next, invite your child to place the worry doll under his or her pillow and share the Guatemalan belief that worry dolls have the power to ease our fears as we sleep. In the morning, ask your child, “How did it feel to tell the doll your worry or fear? Did you notice anything different when you were trying to fall asleep or when you woke up this morning?”