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Mirus Toys

Life Cycle of an Apple Wooden Puzzle

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  • Description

    This two-sided wooden puzzle, depicting the life cycle of an apple tree, has been lovingly crafted by Mirus Toys. Made from hardwood maple, with inserts of aspen and finished with linseed oil, this Waldorf-inspired toy will be part of your family’s play-based learning experiences for years to come. Children will learn about the different stages in the life cycle of an apple tree: seed, sapling, tree, flowering tree, fruits, and back to seed again! The backside of the puzzle features the other players that help a plant grow: earthworms, bees, and butterflies. From playroom to classroom, this puzzle is an inspiring addition to any learning environment!

    Mirus Toys

  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Made of hardwood maple and finished with linseed oil. 

    Measures 13"x6.5"x0.5", the inserts/puzzle pieces are a hair thinner than 0.25"

  • Play is okay! tip

    As a family, choose one special tree to observe from one season to another- either apple tree or otherwise! If you’re a city dweller, simply choose a tree from your favorite park that you can visit regularly. Encourage your child to sketch or photograph the changes that he or she observes throughout the year. Keep your eyes out for natural helpers, such as earthworms, bees, and butterflies!