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Rainbow Building Tray

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  • Description

    This colorful tray of multi-sized wooden rainbow slats evokes endless curiosity and visual stimulation for all ages. Children and children at heart will enjoy dismantling and rebuilding with this richly colored set, lovingly handcrafted from linden wood by family-owned company Gluckskafer. Each slat is hand-painted in a richly saturated hue with non-toxic, water-based paint, so if your little wants to pretend-play the trumpet, sound the horns! Group and separate colors, stack and lean slats, spell something out, or simply stare at how stunning it is on your bookshelf and let it take your imagination somewhere. 

  • Materials & Safety

    Made from sustainable Linden tree wood. Non-toxic, water-based color. Set includes 32 pieces of different sizes.

    Ages 3+, CE-ceritfied, made to top quality standards TUV/GS inspected.

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  • Play is okay! tip

    Colors are evocative, and a wonderful entry into conversation with your little one. Use the bounty of hues in this set to engage in a dialogue. Some robust starters include: Does this color remind you of anything? What does this color make you feel like? Have you ever seen anything that is this color before?