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  • Coordination
  • Ingenuity
  • Fine Motor

Sarah’s Silks Shooting Star Skytail

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Provides 2 toys for children in need
  • Description

    Crafted of soft batting and silk, this easy-to-throw skytail is made to fling, spin, and toss in the air. A staple toy of pretend play and Waldorf-education, it encourages creativity, movement, and role-playing. As children throw their star and chase after it, their gross motor coordination gets a work out along with their imagination. Every shooting star has a story, right? At least a new name, a home galaxy, a character wishing on it? Let kiddo tell you where this tale leads…

    Sarah's Silks

  • Materials & Safety

    Star skytail is a star-shaped stuffed ball with a starry-night sky silk tail.

    Warning: Choking Hazard Toy contains a small ball . Not for children under 3 years


  • Play is okay! tip

    Grab an upcycled cardboard box and open-ended materials to help kiddo create and decorate a rocket that will fly through the stars!