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Baby Lucy in Pink

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  • Description

    Meet Lucy, your little one's new best friend! This charming doll is unbelievably soft and designed with exquisite detail, making it the perfect present that will grow as your child does. As your little ones snuggle with and talks to Lucy, they’re practicing empathy, storytelling, communication and cooperation. 

    Give. Inspire. Play. That is the mission behind design-focused toy maker Alimrose. Each heirloom quality toy is made in Australia and gives back. 


  • Materials & Safety

    Materials: Linen, yarn

    Dimensions: 14" H

    Care: Spot-clean with damp cloth

    Age: 2 years+

  • Play is okay! tip

    Children often express their own emotions through play. Use Lucy as a tool to help children with transitions, such as starting a new grade or welcoming a new sibling. Ask them how Lucy would feel in a similar scenario. Acknowledge the feelings in a simple way without trying to explain or change them. For examples, “It’s scary to start a new school”, and “It’s okay that Lucy is feeling that way”.