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Positive Language Support Group: Preschool Edition

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    Calling all preschooler parents! We’re thrilled to offer this 4-week Positive Language Support Group: Preschool Edition. Join our Education Director and author of the bestselling Guide to Positive Language Strategies, Lauren Vien, along with a small group of other parents. Together, you’ll learn positive language strategies to support and empower your preschooler.


    Transforming negative language into positive language. You’ll learn positive, effective alternatives to common phrases like, “Stop whining!!” and “Don’t grab!”

    Setting limits with a Positive Language approach. We’ll brainstorm meaningful consequences for scenarios that all preschooler parents are bound to experience.

    Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors. We’ll discuss the importance of “doing the detective work” to identify why specific behaviors are happening.

    The Great Praise Debate. You’ll learn how to replace general expressions of praise, such as, “Good job!” with specific statements that encourage your toddler to self-reflect.


    We’ve created this intimate, supportive setting for parents of preschoolers. 


    Tuesday evenings @ 8 PM EST / 5 PM PST

    This 4-week session begins on Tuesday, March 2nd.


    Each week over Zoom, Lauren will bring new positive language strategies to the table, tackle your specific concerns, and answer all of your burning questions.

    Group sessions will be 45 mins long + an additional 15 mins where parents can ask followup questions and receive individualized support from Lauren.

    Sign up today! Class spots are extremely limited.

    Rose & Rex

  • Materials & Safety

    Ages: We’ve created this intimate, supportive setting for parents of preschoolers. 

    Details: Sessions will be held on Zoom. After sign up you will get links and information. 

    Time: Tuesday evenings from 8- 8:45pm EST/ 5- 5:45 PST (followed by a 15 break out session). This 4-week session begins on Tuesday, March 2nd.

  • Play is okay! tip

    What past workshop participants are saying:

    "I thought the class was really great! It was fun ( didn’t think I would ever describe a parenting class as that! Haha! But it really was!) engaging and helpful. I think you really heard people’s concerns and addressed them in a helpful way. I found it very beneficial! Thank you so much! Cheers to 2021!"

    “Quarantine has come with both blessings and curses. I was looking for an outlet- not necessarily just for my son, but for me too. I truly was so impressed by you, your advice and the session as a whole.”